February 2016

Chemo Surgery Radiation DONE

January 27, 2016 CT-scan did NOT go as expected!!! When they went to administer the dye via IV, the vein collapsed causing the dye to be infiltrated. I’ve never seen techs move so fast!!!! They came rushing in and the doctor was there instantly. SO, I’m in the ER for observation for a couple hours at the […]

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January 2016 TBBCF Newsletter

Happy 10th Birthday TBBCF! – Today is our birthday. Thanks to all of you, we have been keeping Logan’s Promise since February 6, 2006 … with over $3.4 million donation dollars directed to breast cancer research. Keeping Logan’s Promise – TBBCF Special Grants Edition Congratulations to the 2016 Grant Recipients Over $3.4 million and 34 research

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