2024 Walk News – Did You Know?

19th Annual Walk for a Cure Route


Did you know that on October 5, the TBBCF Walk for a Cure takes walkers through the historic towns of Old Saybrook, Old Lyme, East Lyme, and Waterford?

North Cove - Old Saybrook

As you lace up your shoes and join the ranks of fellow adventurers, the landscape unfolds before you, with each step revealing a new vista that is more breathtaking than the last.

For those daring souls tackling the 26.2-mile Full Marathon, the journey kicks off with an Opening Ceremony and invigorating stretch session led by seasoned instructors. Picture yourself at the crack of dawn, the sun just beginning to kiss the horizon as you gather at the picturesque Old Saybrook Point on the majestic Connecticut River.

With each mile conquered you'll pause at strategic rest stops, from Northeast Medical Supply (3 ½ miles) to the American Legion (5 miles), fueling your spirit and replenishing your energy for the road ahead. In all, there are nine rest stops.

St. Ann Church - Old Lyme

In Old Lyme, St. Anne's Episcopal Church offers a brief respite and a chance to hydrate and recharge amidst the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. As you reach the Nancy Larson Science Center, marking almost the halfway point, you'll marvel at how far you've come.

Rocky Neck - East Lyme

Meanwhile, the Half-Marathoners in East Lyme will set off with gusto on their 13.1-mile journey. Rocky Neck State Park beckons with a sumptuous catered lunch amidst nature's canopy. Walkers will enjoy a short stint through Ravenswood Nature Trail, and then it's on to enjoy the sweeping vistas of Atlantic Blvd. and a stop at McCook Beach, where refreshments await like a well-deserved oasis.

McCook Point Park - Niantic

As the day progresses, the Quarter Marathoners make their mark, starting their 6.6-mile hike at the Niantic Baptist Church with a burst of energy that propels them and all the walkers through downtown Niantic and across the Niantic River Bridge into the enchanting town of Waterford. Jordan Cove and Shore Roads offer glimpses of coastal splendor. Each step brings the walkers closer to the magnificent Harkness State Park, which they will enter before reaching Camp Harkness, their final destination.

Laughter and camaraderie fill the air as the 3.1-mile family-friendly 5K is held within Camp Harkness. As all the participants filter in through the finish line beneath the towering TBBCF inflatable arch, cheers ring out, mingling with a symphony of triumph and celebration.

Harkness Park - Waterford

So, gather your courage, ignite your adventurous spirit, and join TBBCF Walkers for an unforgettable odyssey of self-discovery and endurance, knowing that 100% of the donations you worked so hard to procure are going to breast cancer research. The only way to enjoy the splendor of this walk more is to form a team and enjoy this ultimate journey with your friends. Last year, a total of 336 people walked to find a cure! Help us increase those numbers. Sign up today to help stomp out breast cancer!

Register here: 19th Annual Walk for a Cure.

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