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2016 Goals Goals and Objectives

Business Year Ten

Ensure Sponsorship and Grants cover 2015 Requirements (25%)

  • Secure sponsor or grant dollars at $80,000 to $90,000 to cover projected 2016 business year cash expenses
  • Launch the first stage of the sponsor campaign by end of April to middle of June. (Planned sponsorship drive – 1,000 mailings)
  • Recognize ten year sponsors at 2016 at TBBCF public events and on the website

Promote TBBCF Research Grants Program (15%)

  • Execute Communications Plan to highlight past and present accomplishments within the TBBCF grants administration program
    • Maintain/post TBBCF-Funded Research Grant Publicationsand list on TBBCF Website
    • Feature grant recipients at public meetings, via social media and on website
    • Plan TBBCF Board and Scientific Advisory Committee member visits with grant recipients
      • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories
      • Dana Farber Cancer Institute
      • Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
      • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
    • Personalize present and past grant recipients’ presence on TBBCF website and in the local media
      • Provide photos and enhanced research abstracts on website
      • Issue Press releases on 2016 grant awardees
      • TBBCF, BOD and SAC site visits

Increase and Engage the Foundation Volunteer Base (15%)

  • Leverage 10th Anniversary  to re-engage past core volunteers and BOD members and to recruit new volunteers to cover events and office work to lessen the workload of year-round core volunteers
    • Institute working committees at the BOD level
    • Partner with past core volunteers to find volunteers for lead roles on committees such as Marketing and Events
    • Recruit/Organize office and event volunteers to provide support through October
    • Recruit Walk Team Captains for vacant positions

Promote the Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut and Other Fundraising (20%)

Increase our walkers in the Walk Across SECT by 20% from 385 in 2015 to 460 in 2016

Increase the total funds raised of  $318,546 in 2015 to $400,000 in 2016 to enable us to fund four research grants

  • Walker Fundraising = $ 300,000
  • General & Fundraising Events= $ 100,000

Broaden TBBCF reach through aggressive social media campaign (website, Facebook, Twitter, Constant Contact email, and LinkedIn), and through press releases and  news stories (25%)

Social Media Campaigns

  • 10th Birthday Party Celebration
  • Logan’s Heroes stories (testimony from walkers, volunteers, donors, sponsors)
  • Build Walk through team and corporate challenges
  • Increase reach on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

TBBCF will devote 100% of gross fundraising dollars directly to research