Amelia Caster

Amy Caster

For the past six years, Amelia (Amy) Caster has participated as a TBBCF walker with a group of teammates/friends who formed a walk team in her honor. Amy is a breast cancer survivor.

My involvement was started by a Pfizer colleague. A friend picked up information about TBBCF at the Mystic Art Festival and we walked that October.

It is very emotional. It’s an amazing experience where you push your body further then you think you can while surrounded by wonderful people. You will find yourself laughing and crying throughout the day.

Amy’s teammates are very important to her. She told us, it felt like I was carried through this breast cancer process by everyone around me- I never would have done so well without their support, love and encouragement. They had my back. One friend made cookies for everyone at the doctor’s office for each and every chemo treatment- the staff looked forward to seeing what kind of cookies I brought in each week. That friend made sure that the cookies were at my house the morning of each chemo treatment.

Amy expects to be back in 2016 with quite of a few of her of teammates/friends. They still have her back!

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