Cancer is back

September 1, 2016 There is a silver lining of having to cancel my surgery yesterday, due to the presence of cancer in my body. I was able to see my nephew, Ryan, off on his first day of second grade!!! To top it off I was able to spend the morning with my youngest nephew Kyle who starts Kindergarten tomorrow!!!! Can you spy the photo bomber in one of the photos? #keepsmiling #21moredaysofsummer

karenaimeeSeptember 7 Hanging out at Women and Infants today. Already met with my completely awesome social worker, Lisa, who put my mind at ease. Just waiting for the biopsies now. Keeping my co-pilot occupied is a bit of a challenge. Good thing she has an Elin Hilderbrand book to keep her busy! XO #weTRI4Aimee #keepsmiling

September 9 Why not? I feel great, so yesterday I decided to add another race to my circuit, Narragansett here we come!!! Excited to try a new venue!!!! In the area, come out and cheer me on!!! #keepsmiling #weTRI4Aimee

September 11 Nothing like a shot gun morning!!! I woke up to find that it was 6:00am and that I wanted to be in Narragansett at 6:00am!!! Somehow I made it to Narragansett by 6:30. A little rushed to get my packet and set my transition area up but then only to find out the start was delayed so I had some time to settle in. It was great to be with my teammates Brian and Laura. We all brought home some bling today.

narragansett3naragansett2Laura had an amazing race finishing 3rd overall out of the women; this girl is such an inspiration in so many ways!!!! Brian placed 1st in his division and I also placed 1st in my division!!!! The swim was challenging as it was extremely windy, the water was choppy, and either we were swimming against the current or it was that windy to put an additional 10 minutes on my average time. The wind was in full force on the bike which again was not in my favor. The run was excellent! I actually ran most of it, with the help from a new friend Kristen. I returned home to find these beautiful inspirational stones at my mailbox! Many thanks to the stone fairy, I love them!!!!

Overall, this has been a great weekend spent doing the things I love to do.#WeTRI4Aimee #keepsmiling XO

September 16 “The sun will come out tomorrow”, I would sing this song for you as it is from my favorite childhood movie Annie, but I will spare you my fine singing voice.

I started the day with a brisk 1/2 mile swim at Misquamicut with some of my favorite people (team WeTRI4Aimee). Had my first experience with swimming into a large (about the size of a basketball) red jellyfish. I literally swam right into it, spazzed out, gathered myself and continued swimming, despite my left foot being stung. We had a beautiful 14 mile bike ride followed by a snails pace 1 mile jog. This workout was just what I needed to distract myself from the impending doctors appointment that afternoon.

aimeedrI walked into my oncology appointment with the intentions of finding out what exactly this cancer is that is invading my body, and to be told what the plan of treatment is going to be. Very disappointed to only find out that the biopsy showed metastatic breast cancer. At this time, it is with my best interest to try to get in at Yale with hopes that there will be a clinical study with better hopes of what standard care can provide. I have to remind myself that this isn’t the common cold, I can’t just google how to cure cancer and get a scientifically proven treatment to cure this. I will be honest, I am only human, and yes I completely broke down last night thinking about this and how stressful and frustrating this whole process is. So with the help from my friends I was able to melt down last night, and pull myself back together today. I am so very thankful for my oncologist and all she does for me, she truest is my HERO!!! #keepsmiling #bebrave #WeTRI4Aimee

September 22 The best thing happened yesterday!!!! Let me rewind a little further than yesterday. Since knowing that cancer, has yet again, decided to use my body as a Petrie dish, I have had a few scans and a couple of doctors appointments. What hasn’t happened, is any treatment. You may be asking, why? The answer is quite simple, in order for me to qualify for a clinical study (which could be more promising than standard care) I can’t have started any treatment. So an appointment was made at Yale- Smillow Cancer Hospital for October 4th.

This is where the best thing happened. I received a phone call yesterday afternoon telling me that my appointment got bumped up to TODAY!!!! So as I start my day, I am full of excitement, nervousness, and anxiety. All in a good way. I am ready to fight this, again, and this is a huge first step. Prayers that I qualify for a clinical study with greater hope than standard of care.

I will update again soon with hopefully a plan of attack!!!! A few photos from last weekend. Fun at Fall Fest and flag football with my nephews! That moon!!! George Bailey could certainly have lassoed it for me.

September 23  There is a glimmer in my eye, a hop in my step and a smile on my face!!! I met with a doctor at Yale yesterday that has a clinical study that I have a good chance of qualifying for. Just have a couple of things they need to double check and confirm but otherwise this plan sounds hopeful. Greatest birthday gift I could have received yesterday.

On that note, thank you for all the warm birthday wishes. I did have a fabulous day. Started my day with the Tri team, swimming with the enormous jellyfish, followed by a short bike ride. Then there was the eventful trip with my mother to Yale. From the experience at the drive thru, to the parking garage escapade, followed by her mocking me and banging her head on the wall of the exam room. Never a dull moment.

I joined the walking team last night for a 6 mile training walk and had a blast with everyone on the team. Thank you Sandy, Lisa, G, Steve, and Kelly. This was exactly what I needed after traveling to Yale.

Today, I was able to join my closest supporters, for lunch at Mia’s. This team really knows how to make me laugh and of course I love hearing about everyone’s training techniques.
#keepsmiling #weTRI4Aimee