Melissa Babcock Johnson

Melissa’s Story  … as told by her friend, Ann B Melissa Babcock Johnson was diagnosed with stage II invasive ductal carcinoma — the most common type of breast cancer — in May 2015, a month before her 32nd birthday.   She had noticed a lump a few months earlier, but thought she was too young to

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Becoming a cancer patient

Becoming a cancer patient Published by The Day July 25. 2015 12:01AM Melissa Babcock Part two in a series on life after a breast cancer diagnosis at age 31. The weeks following my breast cancer diagnosis were a whirlwind of appointments, meetings, tests and decisions, but everyone I met was kind, brilliant and patient —

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A celebration amid uncertainty

A celebration amid uncertainty Published The Day – November 16. 2015 12:01AM Melissa Johnson Lots of good things have happened since my last column. I married my patient and loving fiancé, Travis, who’s been with me since long before my diagnosis and cared for me relentlessly through three months of chemo. We had a brilliant

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PTSD the cancer version

PTSD – the cancer version Published by The Day – February 26. 2016 12:15PM Melissa Johnson These post-treatment days are golden. My energy has come roaring back. Chemo-induced neuropathy lingers a bit in my feet, but I bought some new clothes and wore jeans and heels instead of yoga pants and slippers in public for

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