Deep River Snacks continues its support of TBBCF

It’s amazing what a little bag of chips can do


For years, Deep River Chips has supported the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation, donating thousands of dollars and thousands of bags of potato chips with the nonprofit’s name on it. In fact, the locally-owned snack company, which features the logo “We Give a Chip” on its website, donated 10 percent of its profits to charities that affected its employees, friends and family.

The company was sold in 2017 to Arca Continental, the parent company of Wise Snacks, which has carried on the philanthropic tradition. This year it donated nearly 500 bags of chips to feed the walkers and volunteers who participated in the annual TBBCF Walk for a Cure in October. The company is also a 2022 Emerald Sponsor, donating $2,500 to help with operating expenses.

“This is one of the causes we will continue to support,” said Valeria McMahan, product brand manager for Wise’s Deep River location.

She said the company is reviewing all the non-profits that have received donations over the years. 

“Deep River is about giving back,” she said. “The (TBBCF) partnership is one we want to continue to have.”

McMahan, who is based at Wise headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, said her husband has worked for years in the breast cancer industry helping to raise educational awareness about breast cancer.

“This is something I feel strongly about,” she said during a recent telephone conversation. “Deep River is a wellness brand and we will continue to support that.”

Deep River Snacks, which is known for its line of kettle cooked potato chips, features Kosher snacks with non-GMO ingredients, it is certified gluten-free and products are cooked in sunflower oil and are nut-free.

The family-owned Deep River Snacks was started in 2001 with a mission to give back to the community. It has donated to TBBCF since 2008. For years, the TBBCF pink ribbon logo was featured on the back of some bags of chips sold in local grocery and convenience stores. It is a feature that will continue, according to McMahan.

She said she looks forward to collaborating with the foundation in the future.

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