January 2016 TBBCF Newsletter

Happy 10th Birthday TBBCF! – Today is our birthday. Thanks to all of you, we have been keeping Logan’s Promise since February 6, 2006 … with over $3.4 million donation dollars directed to breast cancer research.
Keeping Logan’s Promise – TBBCF Special Grants Edition

Congratulations to the 2016 Grant Recipients

Over $3.4 million and 34 research grants and counting  …
After reviewing dozens of grant proposals, our TBBCF Scientific Advisory Committee has awarded fellowships to the following top 2016 researchers.

Click  here    t o read the project summaries and biographies for the 2016 grant recipients.

TBBCF research grants are highly sought …  this year was another great year

“Congratulations to our 2016 winners and to all of you who help make these awards possible.”
Dr. John LaMattina

Dear TBBCF Supporters,

For more than a decade, the TBBCF has raised funds to support cutting-edge research into the causes and potential cures for breast cancer. Too many of us have experienced sorrow and loss caused by this disease that continues to plague our friends and loved ones.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteers, sponsors and walkers, the Foundation has been able to raise more than $3.4 million, every penny of which has been used to fund research. Due to these efforts, outstanding young scientists in some of the world’s leading research institutions have been able to explore exciting new ideas for attacking this disease.   More

Our Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC)

“We salute the SAC. Their efforts have been Herculean, mastered without complaint at the year-end deadlines.”

The idea of funding breast cancer research requires technical expertise to analyze and develop funding mechanisms, a fluency in the sciences, and especially, a vision of the future: a gaze toward the novel therapies and people who might unravel the mysteries of breast cancer promoting therapies to combat the disease.
The founding Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) volunteered to lead this mission while pursuing their own demanding careers as scientists, business leaders, and scientific researchers. In the past ten years the SAC has awarded 3.4M in research dollars to fund new efforts to eradicate breast cancer.  More

Latest TBBCF Research News

Drs. Anczukow (2013), Brastianos (2012) and Pavlova’s (2015) recent publications
P. Brastianos
P. Brastianos
N. Pavolva
N. Pavolva, C. Thompson
The research sponsored by the TBBCF has produced a number of advances that have been published in some of the world’s most prestigious journals. To learn more, visit TBBCF Grants Publication Listing for the most recent scientific papers that acknowledge support from our Foundation.
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