Training Blog 1

 By Johanna D’Addario

Happy September! Now that the weather isn’t so hot and sticky, I feel much better about going out for long training walks. I have been setting my goal of at least 4-5 miles of walking a day, and hopefully will get closer to 8 or 10 this month. Walking in the fall is so relaxing and peaceful, isn’t it?

I have also been super motivated to walk because of our new baby. Introducing Adam Cooper D’Addario! He is our 8-month-old English Golden Retriever. Tom and I have had him since he was 6 months old, and he motivates me to walk at least 2-3 times per day. It’s been great for getting my steps in!

Cooper and I went on a long walk in the neighborhood this morning (I got to sport my new TBBCF shirt!). The only problem is, he gets distracted by everything. Literally EVERYTHING. Bugs, grass, acorns, squirrels, litter, roadkill, mailboxes, fire hydrants, neighbors, sprinklers, cars, other dogs, you name it. It doesn’t make it easy to stay at a good clip.  So we turned around after about 2 miles and headed home. I’m going to get out there again later, by myself, to get more miles in.

Tom and I are so in love with our puppy. I have always wanted to be a baby mom, but never thought I would love being a dog mom so much. We are considering this our practice for real parenting down the road, when the time is right.

As much as we love Cooper, we are also looking forward to a doggy-free getaway to New Hampshire next weekend. We hope to do a LOT of hiking to get our steps in…October 6th is just around the corner! Thank you to everyone who has supported the walk so far.  Oh, and save the date for September 25th – we are planning a HOPE-themed Paint Nite at Essex Paint and Sip Paint Bar in Essex, CT!

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