Nellie's Rack Pack

I first learned about Terri Brodeur a number of years ago through my sister, Stacey Gualtieri, who serves on the TBBCF Board of Directors. When she spoke of TBBCF, it always seemed like an extremely helpful organization, but I saw it just as a connection she made through work and not much else. That was until January of 2022 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At that moment, Terri Brodeur became more than just a Board that my sister sat on. For me and my family it became an incredible resource as I started my treatments. I was lucky, my cancer, as I’ve nicked named it, was a ‘lazy-baby cancer’; it was caught very early, and it didn’t go anywhere else.

The Terri Brodeur Walk became a must for me and my whole family. Stacey and her daughter, Gabby, put together a team of mostly first-time walkers that was family along with a few friends. As the Nellie’s Rack Pack Team, our goal was to finish the 26.2-mile course; but for me personally, it was a must after having my life forever changed to being a cancer survivor.  I’m happy to say that I accomplished my goal of finishing the course, and was thrilled that I was able to walk across the finish line with linked arms with my sons, nieces, nephew, and friends.

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