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Thank you to All of Our Top Supporters

There are individuals and groups who have always gone above and beyond and give more than 100 percent in fundraising efforts: they host events, they run promotions, they walk as individuals and they establish walk teams.

Over the years, we have acknowledged these heroes at our annual meetings, in our annual reports and through our social media network. In 2016 we realized we probably needed to do more. And while we have prided ourselves on taking time to say, “thank you” we also saw a need to publicize the individuals and groups who raise thousands of dollars on our behalf.

Where better to do that than on our website. For years, we have acknowledged sponsors using our website as one of sponsorship benefits.

Using our 2015 top supporters as a starting point, we moved ahead and built a new tab on our website entitled, “Top Supporters”. We are using the Olympic medals as a metaphor and we have organized our groups into the following categories: Gold Medal –  $10,000 and above; Silver Medal -$5,000 – $9,999; and Bronze Medal – $2,500 – $4,999.

Look for the 2016 listing sometime soon.

2015 Gold Medalists

2015 Silver Medalists

2015 Bronze Fundraisers