Dear Norma (9/27/17)

Open Letter to Norma Logan (1958-2006), co-founder of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation

Dear Norma,

You are a SUPER HERO. I continue to learn new things about you everyday; you lived life passionately, worked diligently in the pharmaceutical industry, you were an artist, friend, loving wife, and leader before your time. Sadly you were diagnosed with stage II breast cancer, and only a short time later learned that you were staring at a stage IV breast cancer diagnosis. Through this devastating diagnosis you met a wonderful woman who was in her own fight against breast cancer, Terri Brodeur. Terri left an impact on you and drove you to new heights. You were passionate about raising funds for breast cancer in 2004 and 2005; however upon discovering that the organization for which you raised funds used 40% of the money raised for overhead and administrative costs, you decided that something needed to be done to change this business model.

On October 14, 2005, you sent a letter to friends on your Bust a Move Walk Team. In that letter you asked them to join you in founding a non-profit that would put 100% of fundraising monies to breast cancer research. With the help from your close friend, Sandy Maniscalco, you were able to take one thought and make it a reality. You would be incredibly proud of all the volunteers at the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation, especially Sandy. It was with your help that they are able to leave a lasting impact on the lives of individuals with breast cancer. Though you left this world much too soon, you are directly continuing to prolong and give quality to the lives of breast cancer patients everywhere.

Norma, you are a diamond in the rough, the one that can turn a grey sky blue again and  turn a frown upside down. October 7, 2017 hundreds of walkers will take to the streets of Southeastern Connecticut to complete the 12th Anniversary TBBCF walk marathon and EVERY penny will go to funding breast cancer research. Thank you for inspiring others to join you in the mission to end breast cancer. Together we pinkie swear to keep your “Logans Promise” of always donating 100% of fundraising monies to breast cancer research. Giving up is not an option. Together we will find a cure.


Thank you,
Aimee Reed – Living with Stage IV Breast Cancer because of research grants from TBBCF

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