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Survivor Series – Meet Christeen Gilman

June 2, 2024

“Survival is a continual thing …breast cancer doesn’t end when you recover.” By ELLYN SANTIAGO For 47-year-old Christeen Gilman, what was most worrying and agonizing during her breast cancer battle was not how she suffered, and endured, but how it impacted her children. “The hardest part of this cancer journey was by far how it […]

Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation (TBBCF) 2024 Annual Meeting

June 2, 2024

18th Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation Annual Meeting Highlights By ELLYN SANTIAGO The 18th annual meeting, on May 22, began with remarks from outgoing Foundation Executive Committee President Patti Burmahl. Patti talked about the Foundation’s background and history, highlighted the TBBCF Survivor Series, talked about the 19th annual Walk for a Cure 2024 (the Walk […]

Copper Pot Pictures ‘Face of TBBCF Research’ Video Premieres

June 2, 2024

Adrienne (Ada) Waks, MD, Medical Oncologist at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Featured in ‘Face of TBBCF Research’ Video ‘Research Matters’ is the theme of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation’s signature fundraiser, the Walk for a Cure 2024. The Walk’s keynote speaker and honorary Walk Chair is medical oncologist Adrienne G. Waks, MD.¬† In 2018, TBBCF […]

TBBCF Announces 2024 Executive Committee

June 2, 2024

Meet TBBCF’s 2024 Executive Board Leadership Powerhouse By ELLYN SANTIAGO Last month, the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation Board of Directors elected its new executive officers to its 16-member board. Debbie Yother was elected TBBCF’s Executive Committee President. She takes the baton from outgoing, longtime President Patti Burmahl. Yother is the Vice President of Personal […]

TBBCF names 2024 Honorary Walk Chair

April 25, 2024

2024 Honorary Walk Chair medical oncologist Adrienne G. Waks, MD By ELLYN SANTIAGO With a focus on the critical scientific research dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer, the very bedrock of TBBCF’s mission, naming medical oncologist Adrienne G. Waks, MD, as Honorary TBBCF 2024 Walk Chair was a natural fit. The 2024 Walk […]

Survivor Series – Meet Fawn Kleemann

April 25, 2024

For survivor Fawn Kleemann, it was the love and support that carried her through. By ELLYN SANTIAGO Breast cancer runs in Fawn Kleemann’s family. On her maternal side, it was her aunts. On her paternal side, her father’s mother, her grandmother, also had breast cancer. “With an extensive family history of breast cancer, I started […]

TBBCF announces 2024 Walk Chair

April 23, 2024

Eleanor Mariani 2024 TBBCF Walk for a Cure Chair By ELLYN SANTIAGO The Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation is pleased to announce that Eleanor Mariani has been chosen as the 2024 TBBCF Walk for a Cure Chair. Without exaggeration, hundreds of thousands have attended OpSail, the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival in New London. So, as […]

May 12 – Mother’s Day Sundaes at Buttonwood Farm

April 6, 2024

Be sure to get your ice cream sundae for Mother’s Day on May 12, 2024: Buttonwood Farms Ice Cream, Griswold, CT. The event will run from¬†Noon to 8pm! Proceeds from all sundae sales goes to the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation (TBBCF) to support Breast Cancer Research! Mark your calendar and be sure to stop […]

Survivor Series – Meet Mandy Crispim

March 29, 2024

By the time her story is published, Mandy-Lyn Crispim will have undergone her sixth surgery. By ELLYN SANTIAGO “I didn’t know much about breast cancer before my mom died on October 1st of 2010,” Mandy shared. But after losing her mother, she’d learn. “My brother had her diary. She knew. She wasn’t diagnosed, she just […]

Face of TBBCF Research

March 29, 2024

Why you walk: Powerful outcomes from TBBCF-funded breast cancer research Research is key to finding a cure for breast cancer. Our mission is to help fund that scientific study with fellowship grants for researchers. Much of that work over the years has been published in some of the world’s most prestigious oncology journals. Here, a […]

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