June 2015 TBBCF Newsletter

Keeping Logan’s Promise

Logan’s Promise honors its Founder, Norma Logan. Her promise in establishing this great organization was to direct 100% of gross fundraising dollars to breast cancer research and for the Foundation to be financially transparent so that everyone, from sponsors and donors to volunteers and walk participants, can plainly see that the organization is meeting its target. We are proud to bring you this edition of Logan’s Promise.

Message from the Executive Director


Dear TBBCF Supporters,


Sandy Maniscalco with Norma Logan after 20 mile training walk (2004)

Top news item this month was the June 15 opening of registration for the 10th Anniversary Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut. TBBCF is officially in high gear until the end of October. To date there are 50 walkers registered. We expect those numbers to pick up as we begin the 15 week training program in early July. We have already received numerous donations toward walker fundraising campaigns. We are looking for volunteers and continue to recruit Foundation sponsors and donors. Our online fundraising tool has a fresh new look this year. More

For 2015 Old Saybrook High School Cancer Walk, Inspiration Was Personal
Every year the Old Saybrook High School hosts a cancer walk. The mission in hosting this year’s Walk to Fight Cancer was to bring community members together to raise money in support of the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation (TBBCF) as well as local families who are directly affected by cancer and struggling with financial hardships due to expensive treatments. This resulted in a $5,000 donation to TBBCF!

The event has become a hallmark of the spring  season, run each year by high school seniors who devote several months to the effort as part of their senior project. This year’s organizers were seniors Lexi Bardos, Emilee Gowrie and Mackenzie Schneider.  More

It looks suspicious – Breast cancer at 31

By Melissa Babcock

Reprinted with permission from The Day Publishing Company

Melissa Babcock

My breast cancer story began like that of so many other women – I noticed a lump.What separates me from most of them is that I was just 31 years old when I found mine – routine mammograms were still almost a decade away for me. The only breast cancer to speak of in my family is that of my father’s sister, diagnosed at the unshocking age of 54. She had a lumpectomy and, 10 years later, is doing just fine.

According to the National Cancer Institute, the odds that a woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer between age 30 and 40 are 1 in 227. By the time she turns 40, her odds of a breast cancer diagnosis in the following 10 years rise to 1 in 68. More

Congratulations Donna Yother and the SAVA Insurance Team
The Boy Scouts Connecticut River Council awarded SAVA Insurance with the Community Service Award for playing a vital role in the growth and development of our community! Congratulations SAVA Team!!


Donna Yother

Donna, past BOD Vice President currently serves as a TBBCF Board Director and Chair, Marketing Steering Committee. SAVA Sole Sisters, a Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut Team led Donna, has been recognized for their fundraising efforts in the past years always placing in the team top five fundraising category. SAVA insurance also supports TBBCF as a sponsor. Thanks, Donna for all you do!  More

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