Rayna Dakin

Rayna Dakin

Rayna Dakin is a seven year breast cancer survivor and walker/volunteer with Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation.

Rayna and Team
Rayna and her team

In 2009 Rayna was diagnosed with DCIS (Ductal carcinoma in situ). I felt so fortunate for early detection and thankful to the doctor who was able to see those tiny little dots. 

 My husband Richard and I started with TBBCF as volunteers. Then, in 2012, I did a half marathon. In 2013 my sister-in-law encouraged me to do the full marathon (26.5 miles) which we have done together for the past three years.

 The walk is an emotional experience from start to finish. Listening to the opening speeches, experiencing the support along the way and then crossing the finish line is overwhelming and magical. I am amazed that we can actually walk that far and that long.

 Starting out as a volunteer, I was first struck by the fact that this is a family organization.  Everyone is connected. When you talk to anyone, you hear a story that you can relate to. We are all in this together because we have all been touched by the same loss. We feel each other’s pain because we have all experienced the pain. I have felt so much love, support and encouragement. 

 I think TBBCF is doing an amazing job toward breast cancer research. Reading about the work that the grant recipients are doing makes me very proud to have helped them get closer and closer to a cure. Thank you ALL for what you do. 

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