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fatclamJuly 24 UPDATE: I broke down and went to my primary care physician this morning, as suspected I have bronchitis. There is a little worry there about my lung and my last CT scan but I see my oncologist on Wednesday and will discuss ordering a follow-up CT-scan. Yesterday’s triathlon at the Fat Clam Tri-Mom Production race was one beyond what I could have ever imagined. I have been battling allergies and asthma all week but I felt strong and knew I could finish the course. The weather was bright, sunny, hot, and the air was thick as could be. Not a good combination but I still felt okay about the thought of racing, besides I had never let the weather get in my way before why would it now.

niantictriAugust 8 Another race in the books for the Mystic Triathlon Team and many members that support “We TRI 4 Aimee”. Had a moment of celebrity feeling when on the beach waiting for the start of the race a couple had noticed Terry’s “We TRI 4 Aimee” shirt and we’re talking about how they raced at Mystic and saw the team there. I turned and the woman asked “Are you Aimee?”. I couldn’t help but giggle and say yes. We had a short exchange of conversation, but it was so cool to know that people know my story.

The eve of the race I had a calm and relaxing family night with Aunt Laurie, Uncle Dave, cousins Steph and JT, my sister Jen and nephews. I had the pleasure of playing restaurant with my youngest nephew and cousin Stephanie (even though she quit when we couldn’t find the food). The race was perfect!!!

august13August 13 Sometimes it only takes me seconds to process what is happening and other times it can take me a day or two or more. I’m pretty sure this is one of those cases where it may take me a week or so to completely process the preliminary results of my CT-scan. As many of you know I had a chest and pelvic CT-scan yesterday as a follow up to the findings of my last scan three months ago. I had the scan done at 1:30 and by 2:45 my oncologist was tracking me down. What I know right now is that there are some lymph nodes that are enlarging and of concern on the side that I had the mastectomy on. What does this mean? Well it could be a number of reasons why the lymph nodes are enlarged, therefore, my oncologist is ordering a PET scan for next week. Until I know for certain the results of the PET scan I will remain in this state of “shock” and uncertainty. One thing I have learned from this process, is it is a “hurry up and wait” kind of process. What I do know for certain is that I have the best teammates and support team on my side. As soon as I told my teammates the preliminary results from the CT scan they immediately went into support mode. They organized an ocean swim and I was able to get out there with them and roll with the tide!!!! Not featured in the photo is Milly who came out to “lifeguard” the group!!! Great swim this morning, followed by a beautiful day at the beach with my Aunt Laurie, Uncle Dave, Stephanie and Jarrett, completing the day with dinner in town and lots of laughs with my mom, sister, aunt and cousin. #keepsmiling

riwarriorAugust 21 What do you do when you have anxiety about test results? You do a triathlon!!!! I had a blast out there racing today with my sister by my side and the most awesome Tri team ever! Congrats to everyone who raced today!!! Such fun!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to cheer us on and to the volunteers for all their hard work!!!! Oh and to top it off I placed 2nd in my group!!! Until tomorrow I will soak up all the fun I had today and let tomorrow be tomorrow!

August 23 I’ve been contemplating all day whether or not to do a post today. What would I write? What if I get the information wrong? Then there is always the thought that maybe this is just a nightmare and I will wake up soon. So, without getting too much ahead of myself, I will keep this rather short. The results of my latest PET scan show a reoccurrence of cancer in a few places. As this does answer some questions it leaves many more questions unanswered at this time. At this moment in time I will not be undergoing surgery next week to have the left prophylactic mastectomy as planned.

August 26 Excited to be out there racing tonight!!! I’ve had this race on my calendar for years and something (usually work) always conflicted. Thanks to my friend, Polly, for swimming and biking with me yesterday and encouraging me to get out there tonight!!! Feels a bit strange to not have to pack a transition bag, wetsuit and a bike!!! Many have asked or have been wondering how I am doing. I have been feeling the fatigue this week and catch myself asking why am I so tired. Then reality hits me and I remember why. Anyways, no further news on treatment plan. Tumor boards are meeting and discussing a treatment plan. Until then I just wait…and what better way to make the time go by than getting out and train/race with the best friends in the world!!!! Have no fear my mom asked my oncologist if I should be doing these races/triathlons. My completely awesome Oncologist answered in the best way saying that I should continue doing what makes me happy and there is no reason I shouldn’t be out there racing!!!! Have I mentioned that she is my HERO!!!!! XOXO #keepsmiling

0826pollyaimeeAugust 28 This week has been a struggle. It appears that time is standing still, I can’t go forward and I can’t go back. I still have no information about a treatment plan. It’s a tough place to be in but I have put my faith in the process and know that answers will come soon enough. Until then I have decided to keep living life to its fullest. Friday evening I ran the Schonning 5k with my best friend Polly, whom took great strength to stay at the end of the pack with me. We started the race together and finished the race side by side!!! It was so humbling to see some friends were able to come out and cheer us on!!! Thank you Ed and Monika!!!!  Yesterday, was filled with lots of family fun as we celebrated my nephew Nicholas’ birthday, with a pool party at his house. Followed by more swimming at my house and dinner out with my Aunt Laurie and Uncle Dave! We may or may not have finished the night with a little Dairy Queen ? Today’s plan: Go with the flow and KEEP SMILING!!!!


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