TBBCF remains focused on its mission

TBBCF remains focused on its mission to fund breast cancer research

Our annual walk, which we hope will take place Oct. 3, may take on a totally different look this year.

My, how things have changed.

Normally at this time of year we, at the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation, would be getting ready for the annual meeting, making plans for fundraisers, looking for sponsorships and donors, and forging ahead with plans for the annual Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut.

This year we were hoping for the biggest event yet to celebrate our 15th walkathon from Old Saybrook to Waterford.

But like everyone else in the country facing the reality of a pandemic, we are maintaining social distancing and staying away from crowds.

In keeping with CDC guidelines, we cancelled our annual meeting, and the April Board of Directors meeting has been postponed. But we’re getting creative in continuing to move forward because we must continue our mission to raise money so we can fund grants to support breast cancer researchers. Unfortunately, people are being diagnosed every day with breast cancer, and many more are still going through treatment.

Finding a cure and better treatments for breast cancer is still our goal.

The May Board of Directors meeting will be a Zoom affair. Members will participate in a virtual meeting to discuss details and options for the October walk and talk about ways of reaching out to our supporters. We also have a new slate of officers to approve.

This year’s walk is scheduled for Oct. 3, and our hope is it will go forward as planned.

Kate Davis, walk chair and director of operations, is working behind the scenes doing things like prepping registration and fundraising platforms for TBBCF.org  and keeping in touch with walk team leaders to be ready for action. The walk is expected to include four distance options from Old Saybrook to Waterford, including a 5K walk around Camp Harkness. There also will be an early bird special to register at a discount, but the dates have not yet been decided. She is making plans and moving forward cautiously.

“Breast cancer research is still a very important cause,” she said. “We’re staying positive and looking forward.”

We will have a joyous celebration on Oct. 3, but it may look different. We will keep you informed as our plans progress.

We want to offer our thanks to individuals and businesses who are providing the essentials and to healthcare workers who are tending to the sick. Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are coping with COVID-19 and the families of those who have died.

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