Update 2015 Promotion Results

More 2015 Fundraising Results
At TBBCF, we are in awe of the generous giving by so many individuals, teams, and companies over the years. It was no different in 2015. As you can see in these pictures, it is easy to smile when we think about how these efforts make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.
As we wrap up our 2015 fundraising year, we would like to acknowledge the donation dollars received during this first quarter.

A very ͞big shout͟ out and thank you to Grand Wine & Spirit and Waterford Wine & Spirits for their 2015 breast cancer awareness promotion benefiting TBBCF during the month of October. Presenting their check for $3,684 to Pat Newborg and Sandy Maniscalco are Chuck Bowe and Ben Suhr. We are most grateful for your continued support. Please take a moment to “like” Grand Wine & Spirits and Waterford Wine & Spirits on FB and visit their stores. A huge thank you goes out to The Shack Restaurants for their continued support of TBBCF in 2015. Presenting his $11,364 check to TBBCF represented by Sandy Maniscalco, Co-Founder and Director of Development and Outreach and Pat Newborg, Director of Operations is Jeremy Hann, owner of The Shack Restaurants. Please take a moment to “like” The Shack Restaurants on FB and visit their restaurants. Big and small, the promotions and fundraisers that support TBBCF make such a difference . . . over nine months of breast cancer research was funded based on these donations in 2015