Aimee Begin Her Journey 2015

July 30, 2015 Completed phase 1 of chemotherapy today (12 treatments once a week). I have a week off then start phase 2 (4 treatments, every other week). I couldn’t have made it through this without the love, prayers, and support of family and friends far and near. A special thank you to the We TRI 4 Aimee team who has been letting me live vicariously through them, not to mention the numerous medals they are bringing home at triathlons!!!! So proud!!! Phase two brings a whole new slew of side effects but I am stronger and determined. ‪#‎KEEPsmiling ‪#‎weTRI4aimee ‪#‎peace

September 24, 2015 Last Chemo!!! So very blessed to share this monumental moment in time with loving friends and family. Many thanks to my caring chemo nurses Angela and Michele!!! Next step is surgery, no date yet. Thank you to the Facebook family and friends for continued prayers, love, and support!!!!


October 23, 2015 ***UPDATE*** it has taken me a while to absorb and accept the next step in this journey. On November 4, 2015 I will be having a modified radical mastectomy with lymph node removal on the right side only. This was not what I was anticipating at all, yet after a couple of conversations with my wonderful surgeon, Dr. Gass, I feel much more at ease about the whole situation. Those of you wondering, “what about the left side?”, that will come about a year from now, I will have a prophylactic mastectomy on the left and then reconstruction on both sides. For right now, I feel great!!! I was able to get out for a few walks today and enjoy mother nature’s beauty. I was also able to get a few work days in this week. Hoping to get a few more work days in next week before being out of work for about 14 weeks!!!!

November 3, 2015 triathon3In the world of triathlons (AKA the world of Aimee), one would say that I finished the swim and I am about to come out of transition 1. In the land of reality, I have finished chemotherapy and have had time to build my immune system. During this time, I had a good week and a half where I felt like myself again. I even made it to the YMCA a couple times, getting in a spin class and a swim workout with my team. These last couple of days I have been trying to psych myself out and not think about what tomorrow will bring. Yet again reality is starting to set in. Tomorrow I will be undergoing a modified radical mastectomy and lymph node removal on the right side. I’m feeling strong, positive, and I am at peace with all of this. I have the BEST surgeon, Dr. Gass, at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence. I am ready to put this “bike ride” behind me. Transition #2 here I come!!!!! Thank you to ALL of my friends, family, triathlon family, and co-workers for supporting me through this extremely trying time. I love you all and could not do this without you.

November 24, 2015 Time for a checkup!!! The gown was just a bit big!!! Everything looked great. Pathology report, in a nut shell, no cancer in breast or skin tissue. They took out 18 lymph nodes and left 2. Of the 18, 2 showed pre-cancerous cells and 1 had metastasized. These results are amazing. Given my diagnosis, only about 10-20% of patients have similar results. As my surgeon, Dr. Gass said today, “We can start talking about the “finish line”!!!” YIPPEE

November 26, 2015 Happy Thanksgiving!!!! This year I am most thankful for my health and that is in many thanks to my family (especially my mom who has been driving me all around creation to go to appointments), friends, fellow cancer fighters/survivors (especially Michele who has been my mentor through all of this from the beginning), triathlon family, neighbors, co-workers, community and especially my doctors (Dr. Vanasse, Dr. Legare, Dr. Gass, Dr. Gabeau, Dr. Monte, and Dr. Sandavol)!!!! I am also grateful to all of the nurses and technicians, especially my chemo nurses Angela and Michelle, at Women and Infants Westerly. Not to forget Miss. Pam who draws my blood effortlessly and nails it every time!!!! I couldn’t be anymore thankful for all of you and your support this year!!! Much love to you all!!!

December 8, 2015 Yesterday, was another good day!!! I finished decorating our Christmas tree, did a puzzle, and went to the lymphedema clinic. My PT, Heather, is awesome!!! She wrapped my arm to help assist with keeping the fluid from pocketing in my arm. It looks odd but is really very comfortable. All in preparation for radiation on Thursday, December 10. :-/

December 13, 2015 I had an amazing weekend. First, shout out goes to my awesome cousin, Jarrett, and his high school football team who won their state championship football title this Saturday!!! Jarrett has displayed what it truly means to be a part of a team. During a scrimmage this past Labor Day weekend, Jarrett broke his foot in a tackle. He had surgery and had a screw and a pin put in. This meant he would not play in his SENIOR year of football. This didn’t stop him from attending every practice and game…crutches and all. He has supported his teammates in ways that most will never do in their lifetime. I am so proud of him!!! Also, this weekend I was able to attend the Niantic Light Parade with my great co-workers and friends!!! It was humbling to see the amazing Maddie Float and how this community has stepped up to support a young girl with cancer!!! My favorite “float” was the monster trucks, that race for a cure against cancer!!!! If you have never seen this parade you must see it next year in person!!!! This week will be my first full week of radiation treatments. I had two treatments last week on Thursday and Friday and so far, I haven’t experienced too many side effects. My skin does have an odd sensation to it but no discoloration, and my energy levels have been slightly lower but I just take breaks when I need them. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and guidance through this next phase in my journey!!!! Please “like” and “share” this page with your friends and family to keep everyone in the loop about upcoming fundraisers and events ? XOXO

December 15, 2015 radiationToday was exactly what I needed!!!! Had my radiation treatment with the very friendly women at South County Radiation. They always make me feel comfortable with their bright smiles and positive attitudes…great way to start my day!!! Then went over to the South County Commons where I enjoyed breakfast at Brew’d Awakenings. From there I attended a free yoga class for patients at Women and Infants Integrative Care. The women I met there today were so welcoming and were amazed by the support of the “We TRI 4 Aimee” community. (Of course I wore my shirt ?). During this modified yoga class, I was asked to share my story. After class one of the women came up to me and handed me a heart shaped rock that she found at Narragansett Beach. She has been collecting heart shaped rocks for many years and said they just come to her. She always carries at least one with her all the time for moments like today when she feels someone could benefit from having a little extra love and heart. I was so touched that she thought of me as worthy of one of her hearts after only spending about an hour with me. The more I learn about my cancer, the more I realize that I am a living miracle. Much love to all the people who love and support me!!!

December 24, 2015 Merry Christmas EVE!!! I’m on my way to radiation this morning (yes, treatment today…Christmas Eve).

christmas2wolfgangI’m looking forward to not having treatment tomorrow though. I’ve been a bit quiet the past couple days. That happens when something is going on and I haven’t processed it yet. So the other day I noticed that my incision has a discharge coming out of it in a tiny spot. I had the nurse look at it yesterday and she said it looks fine and told me to keep monitoring for infection, if it gets worse to call. She will be checking it again this morning after radiation, it looks the same to me and I have no fever. Keeping the positive thoughts going and trying not to worry. Also, my dog Wolfgang (15 years young) was rushed to the vet yesterday after we thought he had a seizure. The vet thinks he didn’t get enough oxygen and passed out due to a heart condition he has. He is home and seems to be his same ole’ self. Safe travels to all of my friends who are traveling for the holidays. Peace and love.

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