Pam Watt

Pam Watt

Pam Watt is a foundation top fundraiser, a seven year walker, the TBBCF’s Matching Gift Administrator and a member of the Board of Directors.


In 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My friends and family formed a team and walked in support of my fight. I was undergoing chemo so I waited for them at the finish line. While waiting, I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy and Phil Maniscalco and Howie and Marcie Brensilver. The kindness, care and support that they had exhibited toward me on that day, and many days thereafter, touched me in a way that I knew that this was an organization that I would be honored to work with. The following year I walked the full marathon, took on the position of Matching Gift Administrator and in February 2015, I became a member of the Board of Directors.

Walk day typically starts out at 6:30 a.m. with warm up exercises and opening remarks from a few people including the Brodeur children. Throughout the opening ceremony there is laughter and tears and excitement to start hitting the pavement at 7 a.m. The Walk itself is one of the most organized events that I have attended. There are people directing traffic, there are pit stops every three miles where you can use a restroom or grab a snack (granola bar, orange, banana), water or Gatorade. Cyclists ride along the route to ensure the walkers are hydrated and not in need of anything. Medical attention is provided at each pit stop, and there are free massages at the end.  Bystanders line the streets to cheer you on. Survivors come out to thank you for walking. The Village of Niantic shows its support by painting the town pink with pumpkins, flags and signs.  East Lyme and Waterford athletic teams are strategically placed along the route to inspire your spirit to go just a few more miles to the finish line. This October will be my 8th year walking the full marathon.  As a survivor, it is a very emotional day for me. It is a day of laughter and reflection and accomplishment. It is a day of strength and an overwhelming feeling of support and camaraderie knowing that there are hundreds of people all walking together with one common goal  — to raise funds to find a cure.

Pam is pictured with her Pink Posse.

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