Rich Pugliese

Richard Pugliese

Richard Pugliese is a former Vice-President of TBBCF Board of Directors and a ten year walker/volunteer.

Rich and Maryellen Pugliese

I was drawn to the vision of Norma Logan and Sandy Maniscalco mainly because I knew Tim and Terri Brodeur. I miss them dearly.  I vowed to support the organization and the work to support TBBCF in the best ways I could, serving for a bit on the executive board and walking in the Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut, out of support for the wives and mothers and women who face the anguish of a breast cancer diagnosis and out of love for Terri and Tim. I miss the early years walking with Tim greatly! My heart aches!

My wife’s family has had too much breast cancer, and the genetic risks for my own wife are there. I admit I am afraid of losing her someday. So I want to and need to do my part. It is a very high priority in my life to be a part of something so honorable and so thoughtfully developed and nurtured! And to think that this is the hard work of volunteers and generous sponsors and donors and the afflicted touches me deeply!

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