Pat Newborg

Pat Newborg

Pat Newborg’s involvement with TBBCF started in 2006 as Walk Co-Chair with Lisa Carroll.

TBBCF Pat Newborg
Pat Newborg

Pat’s role has evolved over the years from volunteer as Registration Team Captain, member and Secretary Board of Directors, and Business Manager to her present position as Director of Operations.

I was one of Norma Logan’s Heroes as a crew member for the Susan G. Komen walk that her heroes participated in, and was one of the people invited to become a foundation leader. As a new foundation leader, I got excited about being one of the first people to be involved with TBBCF. I approached Lisa Mongue, another of Logans Heroes, and asked her what she thought of trying to plan a walk based on our observations from the Koman walk ,and she agreed. We developed a project plan and presented it to Norma.  Once Norma  agreed to the plan, we approached the Board of Directors. We then invited Lisa Carroll to be involved, and once we started to lay out exactly what we needed and who we thought could also be involved, the excitement built. I was hooked.

Prior to the kick off of our first walk, I, along with other Foundation Leaders who were team captains and unable to participate in the first walk in October, walked the 26.2 mile walk route a week before the walk.  At first I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, but once you get three quarters of the way through, there’s no turning back…you just have to keep going.  At the end of that walk, there were people standing there with a huge banner that said “You Rock” and I couldn’t stop smiling.  What an accomplishment!!

I felt the same smile come across my face when I did the half marathon two years ago with my daughters and my friend Lisa Carroll.

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