TBBCF Announces New Director of Development and Outreach

Meet Toni Lautieri, TBBCF’s newly hired Development and Outreach Director.

By Ellyn Santiago

Toni Lautieri, TBBCF Development and Outreach Director

Toni Lautieri is a development professional. In the field, the most successful person is the one who works to build and strengthen the relationships between an agency or entity and donors.

Throughout her 40-year career, she’s been a marketing and development director for a number of non-profit organizations in MA and RI, as well as a marketing director for a number of for-profit businesses. As an independent consultant, Toni has worked for a myriad of New England-based for-profits in the areas of publishing, education, banking, and insurance, among others, as well as health, human services, and education non-profits.

She has also been an adjunct professor at several colleges and universities in RI and MA. With a bachelor's degree from Rhode Island College and an MBA from Bryant University, she has a wide breadth of experience and skills.

Most recently, Toni was the development director at a RI-based charter school, but last summer she opted not to renew her contract. She was searching for a new opportunity in the non-profit section that would more closely align with her interests and skills.

“My primary areas of interest are health, animal welfare, and children. It was important to me to find a position where I could put my time and energy to work in a capacity that would truly help others. In other words, not just a job,” she explained.

The Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation was looking for a development/outreach director to advance the Foundation’s mission and secure more funding for breast cancer research.

Toni applied for the post. It was the job that “made the most sense to me.”

“It's difficult to find any individual who hasn’t been touched by breast cancer, either as one who has received this diagnosis, or as a family member, friend, or co-worker of someone who has,” she shared. “I found TBBCF’s mission to find a cure for breast cancer one to which I could wholeheartedly commit.”

She said she brings a “high degree of energy and commitment” to the role.

“I am looking forward to working with the Board, management, and staff as we, together, make this commitment to find a cure.”

And the Board is looking forward to working with her.

“We are excited to welcome Toni to TBBCF,” Board president Patti Burmahl said. “Her extensive background in marketing and development will be an asset to the Foundation to help us expand and grow, which will lead to funding more breast cancer research to find a cure.”

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