July 2018 Newsletter

Dear Supporters,
The communication and website design teams have been busy this month refreshing our website presence and building the storyboard for the July newsletter. At some point, when we stepped back to check our “work in progress” we were amazed at what we saw.
It immediately brought to mind one of our over-used clichés, “it takes a village”.  Our reality is that it does take a village. We are what we are because of hundreds of supporters. Our village is the weave in our fabric of hope.
In this issue, we unveil our new website banner built around our founder’s promise, a featured researcher and our honorary walk chair with the hope of reminding visitors that we keep our promise….what we do is personal, and most importantly, research matters!  We then introduce you to Johanna D’Addario’s Blog. Over the next few weeks TBBCF will post Johanna’s blogs and musings.
Also featured are interviews with Old Lyme Country Club members, Ronnie Levine, Cathy Burnett and Charlene Amacher. For these three members of the Old Lyme Country Club who organized the 12th annual Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation golf tournament July 19, it’s personal.
Our sponsor spotlight is on Bill McDonough,  a 13-year foundation sponsor, helping TBBCF all these years as a way of honoring his wife and paying it forward for the kindness and care his wife received while she battled her cancer.
This edition ends with a reminder to register for the 13th Annual Walk Across Southeastern CT.
Sincerely, Sandy Maniscalco – TBBCF Co-founder

Hope by Johanna D’Addario (2015)
Over the next few weeks, TBBCF will post 2018 honorary walk chair, Johanna D’Addario’s blogs and musings via its social media network.  You can follow Johanna at About Johanna D’Addario
Johanna, a physician’s assistant at Yale New Haven Hospital, plans to walk TBBCF’s half marathon on October 6. She will also be our spokesperson during the days leading up to the walk and will deliver the keynote speech at the walk’s closing ceremonies.
(l-r) Dr. Erin Hofstatter and Johanna D’Addario
Johanna will be joined on walk day by Dr. Erin Hofstatter, an oncologist at Yale-New Haven Hospital Cancer Genetics and Prevention Center, who was Johanna’s doctor as she faced breast cancer three years ago. Dr.  Hofstatter is also a 2014 recipient of a $100,000 research grant from TBBCF.
The two women, now colleagues and working with cancer patients at Yale, are featured on our website home page banner along with our founder, Norma Logan.
Earlier this year, Eric Parker of WFSB Channel 3, put the spotlight on Dr. Hofstatter in a  nightly news medical report . That report makes us feel hopeful.

For the love of the game and cancer research
by Kathleen Edgecomb
(l-r) Ronnie Levine, Cathy Burnett and Charlene Amacher
Charlene Amacher, Ronnie Levine and Cathy Burnett have mothers, daughters and friends who have faced a cancer diagnosis. It is the reason they organized and promoted their annual golf tournament, solicited donations from businesses and prodded their friends into signing up.
It is the reason they pledge all of their donations to TBBCF, where 100 percent of gross fundraising dollars goes directly to research. And it’s why they opened up the tournament and invited the male members of the club to participate.
“Everyone has been touched,” said Burnett.
This year, the women raised $6,000 for TBBCF. More than 40 golfers, twice as many as last year, participated in the scramble and about 60 attended the following luncheon, which also featured a raffle and silent auction.  “It was nice to see a sea of pink,” said Amacher, referring to the pink clothing golfers donned for the event. “All the men wore pink. Even the pro was in pink. It was really important to see that.” Full interview

Misunderstanding leads to TBBCF partnership
By Kathleen Edgecomb
Ellen Swercewski and Bill McDonough
Thirteen years ago when Bill McDonough received a call at his home in Stonington from the Terri Brodeur Breast Cancer Foundation seeking donations, he politely declined and hung up the phone.
“She sounded like a telemarketer,” McDonough said recently, chuckling as he thought about Ellen Swercewski’s telephone call in 2006. “But she called me right back.”
From that moment forward, McDonough, the owner of Independent Electronics and Communications, agreed to provide 20-25 walkie talkies for the TBBCF Walk Across Southeastern Connecticut fundraiser.  He’s been supplying the walkie-talkies for the annual walk ever since.
“It was God-driven that I called you back,” Swercewski, one of the founding members of TBBCF, told McDonough when the two met for coffee in June. “I really needed those radios.” Full interview

Registration for the  13th Annual Walk Across Southeastern CT is open.
The Walk will be held on October 6, 2018.
Walkers help fund breast cancer research that is saving lives!
Click  here to Register to Walk.
Volunteers make it all happen!
Click  here to register to Volunteer.
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