A match in the season of giving

Charter Oak donates nearly $14,000 to TBBCF


The only thing better than the Terri Brodeur Foundation receiving $13,925 in donations from individuals who believe in its mission to fund breast cancer research, is getting a matching donation from the Charter Oak Federal Credit Union.

Pamela Morris Watt and Carolina Hernandez
Pamela Morris Watt and Carolina Hernandez

This year, credit union members donated nearly $14,000 to TBBCF and the credit union matched those donations dollar for dollar through its Matching Gifts Program. The combined donation from credit union members and the institution is $27,850 for this year.

During the campaign, which ran Aug. 17 to Nov 10, 2021, members could submit a request to match qualified donations. The amounts were matched in $25 increments up to $500 per member.

“We are grateful for the Charter Oak Matching Gift Program. Each year we receive thousands of additional dollars to direct toward breast cancer research for simply submitting a form,” said Pam Watt, matching grant administrator for TBBCF. “It is an easy way to boost fundraising dollars, and we are appreciative of the staff that administers the program and the extra time that our donors take to initiate the matching gift process.”

Since the start of the initiative in 2016, the combined giving of the credit union and its members has totaled nearly $2 million, which has gone directly to various organizations and foundations. During the 2021 program, Charter Oak matched a total of 880 donations from its members, which will provide assistance to 277 charities. This is the fourth consecutive year that the Credit Union’s Board of Directors has doubled the initial pledge of “$100,000 in 100 Days” to $200,000.

TBBCF has consistently been among the top three organizations receiving the most money, said Carolina Hernandez, marketing coordinator for Charter Oak.

The first year of the program, TBBCF received $2,525 from Charter Oak. In 2017 the donation climbed to $5,600 and in 2018 it was $9,975. In 2019 and 2020, the match was around $12,000 for each year.

“We’re very proud to support the efforts of the Terri Brodeur Foundation through our Matching Gifts Program,” said Brian A. Orenstein, Charter Oak’s president and chief executive officer. “Year after year, our members have been very generous and very supportive of the great work that’s being done by the foundation. In fact, since we began Matching Gifts in 2016, our combined giving by our members and Charter Oak has reached nearly $114,000.”

TBBCF was founded 15 years ago to help find a cure for breast cancer and pledges 100 percent of its fundraising dollars to breast cancer research. To date, the foundation has raised more than $5.2 million and has funded 52 researchers who are working on a cure for cancer and better treatments for those who have breast cancer.

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