Claudia Marks

Claudia Marks Claudia Marks has participated with TBBCF for seven years as a walker, team captain, marketing volunteer, marketing employee and fundraiser. Claudia was encouraged by Marianne Esposito to join in the walk and fundraise her first year of involvement. From that first walk forward, I was hooked into the Foundation and its efforts. So, […]

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Pat Newborg

Pat Newborg Pat Newborg’s involvement with TBBCF started in 2006 as Walk Co-Chair with Lisa Carroll. Pat’s role has evolved over the years from volunteer as Registration Team Captain, member and Secretary Board of Directors, and Business Manager to her present position as Director of Operations. I was one of Norma Logan’s Heroes as a crew member for

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Shelley Gregory

Shelley Gregory Shelley Gregory, one of the foundation’s top fundraisers each year, is a nine year walker and an eight year breast cancer survivor. My inspiration to become involved with TBBCF was my desire to become involved with a foundation that’s so necessary. I’ve participated in nine Walks, and I look forward to it every year.

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Patti Burmahl

Patti Burmahl Patti Burmahl is a ten-year volunteer for the TBBCF Walk as a walker, and a consultant. She is presently President of the Board of Directors, and soon-to-be Secretary of the Board. Patti is an overall champion for this great Foundation.Patti’s inspiration to involve herself with TBBCF was Norma Logan and her “strong desire”

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Karen LaFemina

Karen LaFemina Karen LaFemina will be walking her 6th TBBCF Walk on October 1, 2016. She walks with her Team Leesa. Karen and her family are huge TBBCF supporters.  In addition to being a TBBCF marathoner, Karen has been instrumental in gaining support from Big Y Market to include TBBCF in their Partners of Hope

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Laureen Sullivan

Laureen Sullivan Laureen Sullivan, a member of the TBBCF Board of Directors, also serves on the Walk Leadership Team as the Walk Inventory Administrator and is Co-Chair of the Website Committee. Laureen’s mother was a breast cancer survivor who ultimately lost her battle with breast cancer on May 8, 2013. I have participated in both the

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Donna Yother

Donna Yother Donna Yother has been involved with TBBCF for nine years as a walker, Board of Director’s member and Vice President and member of the Website Committee. My story is a personal one. Debbie Mullin, a SAVA team member, was diagnosed with breast cancer and lost her battle. I visited her days before she

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Terri Savino

Terri Savino has been involved with TBBCF either as a walker or volunteer for ten years. Terri did the full marathon for two years, the half marathon for six years, volunteered for registration one year and volunteered with the pit stop crew for seven years. As you can see, many years she did both the

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Judy Teel

Judy Teel Judy Teel has been a nine year walker with Pam’s Pink Posse walk team. OMG, it’s the best day of your life …  for me it’s a day of reflection, remembering those that have passed and holding close the survivors. This will be my 8th year doing the full marathon. I’ve met a

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