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Scanxiety (8/30/17)

“Scanxiety” ‘Scanxiety’ is a term well known in the cancer patient world as the anxiety caused by scans. You will likely never hear the term used by a medical doctor, as this term has not been medically approved. To a cancer patient though, they know the term all too well, as the feelings associated with […]

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Rock The Pink (8/23/17)

ROCK the PINK On Friday, August 18, 2017, the WNBA Connecticut Sun took on the New York Liberty at the Mohegan Sun Arena. There was much more happening at this game than just basketball. The CT Sun team was “rocking the pink” from head to toes with sporty pink uniforms. Even Blaze, the CT Sun

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Why me? (8/16/17)

Why Me? Many people have asked me if I have ever contemplated the question “Why me?”. Truth is, I asked myself this question just once. It was back when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer, April 28, 2015. I was told that I had a very aggressive type of breast cancer and was pondering

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Fat Clam TRI (8/2/17)

Fat Clam Triathlon This was the third year that Tri-Mom Productions LTD put on the Fat Clam Triathlon. The race takes place at a YMCA camp in Coventry Rhode Island. It starts with a quarter mile open water swim, followed by a 12-mile bike up and down multiple steep hills, and a flat as a

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Moving Forward (7/18/17)

Moving Forward How does one move forward when they are continuously getting knocked down? The answer to this question is multifaceted. Recently, I have had a lot to digest from managing side effects of the new oral chemotherapy, celebrating milestones and continuing to train for triathlons. On May 26, 2017 I had my last chemotherapy infusion.

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Game Changer (7/6/17)

Game Changer: Metastatic Breast Cancer After being told that I had no evidence of disease, I immediately went back into triathlon training mode. I had made a promise to myself that I was going to do those same six races that I was unable to do the year before. I was determined to get to

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